15 Fun Things You Can Do If Youre Under Self-Isolation

With the current coronavirus situation, many people are self-isolating. Being stuck at home for more than a few days can take its toll on your mental health. The key is to keep busy. Everything seems so serious at the moment, I thought this could be a good way to make things a bit lighter. I came up with some ideas of fun or productive things you could do if you’re stuck at home.

Remember that if you don’t have materials for these activities in your home, you can order things online. Just make sure you ask the delivery driver to leave it outside of your door.

1. Learn something new

You could learn anything online: a new language, a new skill or do a short online course. There’s so much you can learn and this could help you to feel you are being productive with your time.

2. Read a book

Many of us don’t have time to read in our busy lives. Use this time to read a book. It could be your favourite book, something you’ve been meaning to read or a new book you could order online.

3. Have a movie marathon

Prepare some snacks, get your pyjamas on, the light down low and have a movie marathon!

4. Try a new craft

There are so many crafts out there and they’re so much fun! You could paint, draw, make soap, do resin art, knit, sew, finger knit, make hair wraps, crochet, do bullet journalling, papercraft, make jewellery…these are just a few, there are so many.

5. Do some home repairs

If there are repairs which have been needed around the home you haven’t had time to do, now is a great time to get them done and make use of your time.

6. Try an exercise video

When you’re stuck in the house you can feel unable to exercise. Following an exercise can be fun, can help you to burn some energy and get your body moving in your own living room.

7. Play video games

You could play games on your laptop, phone or games console!

8. Blog or vlog about your experience

Write about or make videos about your experience! It’s a great way to pass the time and you could perhaps connect with others. This doesn’t even have to be about your self-isolation. You could start a blog or a YouTube channel about your life or something you love doing!

9. Write a story or a poem

You could write a short story or a poem to express your feelings or keep your mind busy.

10. Upcycle something in your home

Choose an object in your home and upcycle it! You could choose anything small or large. You could make a table more interesting, paint a cupboard that looks boring or reupholster a stool.

11. Create a new dance

Create a dance (yes no matter your age)! This is fun and helps you to get some exercise in. You could even put it on TikTok and ask others to try it out.

12. Try meditation

Meditation is a great way to relax and unwind. You can find resources online to guide you.

13. Listen to an audiobook

Audiobooks can help you to relax and are also a great way to keep your mind busy. If you aren’t a big reader, an audiobook can be a great alternative.

14. Build a fort

Building a fort is not just for kids. What better excuse to be silly and build a giant fort to sit in? Use blankets, cushions, bedding and anything else to hand. How fun!

15. Play board games

If you’re at home with others, you could play board games. If you’re alone, you could play card games with only require one player (such as solitaire).


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