Stay Safe at Home Guide

Be Safe!

Social Distancing in Parks, on Trails

Keep a 6-foot distance to keep yourself and others safe. Visit a neighborhood park and loop the lagoon, or explore the 125-mile Oak Leaf Trail, by bike, skates or scooter.

Plan Your Native/Pollinator Garden

Create an oasis for pollinators by using native plants in your yard! This year’s plant sale will be by PRE-ORDER ONLY! Select from more than 130 different types of plants.

Observe Nature

Just for Fun or to Gather Data to Help Scientists

This month we’re launching a fun, new #staysafeathome community squirrel census. To take part you’ll simply watch for squirrels in your garden, backyard or neighborhood and record your sightings to earn electronic badges.

Color Your Cares Away

Parks-Inspired Coloring Sheets

The journal, Art Therapy, reported that “making art can significantly reduce stress-related hormones in your body.” Combine that with our parks-inspired images, and your day feels more like a walk in the park!

Calling All Backyard Birders!

As you await the arrival of spring migrants, the bird illustrations below — along with some colored pencils and your birding guide — will keep your bird ID skills in top shape!

Through eBird, explore recent sightings of birds in our area or submit your sightings!

The Domes at Home

Activities From Friends of The Domes

Each week, Friends of The Domes bring you new educational videos; family-friendly, nature-related activities; and a little punny horticultural humor!

See the Latest Activities!


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