Covid-19 lockdown Tech accessories, products professionals need to work from

Working from home is what most of the employees and professionals are doing these days due to the 21-day coronavirus lockdown imposed by the government. And because we are not used to this routine and environment, working with full focus can be difficult at times. When you are working from home, you definitely want to be more productive as you have several other things to handle and for that to happen, you need certain accessories and products to help you out. So, here’s a checklist of products that most professionals would require to get that ‘work’ environment at home.


A comfortable chair is also important, not only to keep the body posture right but also to help you focus more on your work. You can get the most comfortable chair in your home for this or if you have ordered a dedicated gaming chair, that’s even better.


Desks are also important as they play a vital role when it comes to head posture. If you have a desk that is lower than your eye-level, it can become stressful over time. Desk and chair combination go hand in hand here. So a perfect combination here would be a chair and desk that results in you keeping your head straight while working for hours. Better to get a desk with drawers so you can keep other useful accessories and those project files, all at one place.

Laptop stands

Not everyone has the perfect desk and chair combination, and in most houses people often sit at a higher position, looking down on the laptop screens. The laptop stand is just for them. It adjusts the laptop’s position to reduce the fatigue and some also have a cooling fan underneath so the device doesn’t heat up when doing some heavy work.

External displays

Most jobs don’t require external displays but then many still do. These can be helpful in watching more information than what is already there on your laptop or desktop screens. Even gamers can use it. These come in different screen sizes and resolutions so if you are searching for one, you will get it in all probability.

Wi-fi and Wi-Fi extender

That’s the base of everything what we do while working. Internet is important and the faster it is, the better. If you already have a good Wi-Fi router with wide coverage and anything above 60mbps, you are probably good to do most of your work. If there’s an issue with the coverage area, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender that, as the name suggests, extends the coverage area so you get internet connectivity in more spots inside your home.

Extended plug points

Multi-plug points or extension cords as we call it play a vital role in powering multiple devices at once. You don’t just power your laptop while working, you plug in your phones, speakers, external displays, CPUs and more. So, get one if you can, it can really be useful.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers are not a necessity but they sure help you in getting all the information just by voice commands, order food, other products, play music as per your choice, read out notifications for you and more. Having a dedicated speaker doing all this for you, definitely makes you productive.

Wireless keyboards and mouse

It is not always the case that you use laptop keyboards. Wireless keyboards and mouse provide the much-required flexibility when it comes to work. These allow you to change your pose a bit while working with freedom to move more instead of keeping your hands on your laptop’s keyboard all the time.

HDD or SSD drives

With laptops getting slimmer day by day and CPUs with more storage getting costlier, many have been pushed to use cloud storage, which depend on the internet connectivity. If its not fast and reliable, most content won’t load, resulting in a lot of time waste. And considering the power cut rates in India, you are bound to face the downside of cloud storage. That’s where SSD or HDD external storage drives come in. You can buy them and store files for offline access at any point.

USB adapter

USB adapters are basically for those who are using laptops that usually don’t have as many ports. Take Apple MacBooks for instance, the newer ones hardly feature ports so it becomes necessary to get a USB adapter that also has a port for microSD and SD cards.


An external webcam is a must for some people who are on video calls or are giving live presentations to others in a meeting. The webcams that come in laptops are not as clear and have low megapixel count, often resulting in blurry and noisy shots.

Headphones or earphones

Be it for listening music, video calls, online presentations or any anything, a good pair of headphones or earphones are a must. We recommend using one with noise cancellation while at homes. The ones with inbuilt microphones are even better.


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